Non-Surgical Treatment of Pectus Excavatum with Early Diagnosis

Non-Surgical Treatment of Pectus Excavatum with Early Diagnosis


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Frequently Asked Question

Gvacuum treatment is an extracorporeal method used to correct pectus excavatum. The vacuum device applied to the chest area aims to create negative pressure and push the sternum outwards.

Vacuum therapy improves the appearance of pectus excavatum by allowing the breastbone to protrude outwards. Negative pressure increases the pressure on the breastbone and gradually allows the breastbone to return to its normal shape.

The vacuum waist used in Gvacuum treatment consists of a vacuum pump and a special chest apparatus. The apparatus, which is placed in the chest area, creates negative pressure and pushes the breastbone outwards. This process ensures that the breastbone settles into the correct position over time.

Vacuum therapy corrects the appearance of pectus excavatum by pulling the breastbone outwards. The negative pressure increases the pressure on the breastbone, gradually flattening it and restoring it to its normal shape.

The duration of vacuum treatment depends on the individual and the severity of the pectus excavatum. The treatment can usually last weeks or months. The vacuum device is usually used daily for a certain number of hours. The treatment process progresses with the doctor's assessment and follow-up.

Vacuum treatment is usually painless. However, some individuals may experience mild discomfort or a feeling of pressure. In rare cases, side effects such as skin irritation or redness of the pressure points may occur. You should consult your doctor for more detailed information about risks and side effects.

Vacuum therapy can often be effective in children, adolescents and young adults. In individuals with growth potential, the chances of treatment success may be higher because the breastbone is more flexible. However, as each individual's situation is different, your doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment option for you.

Vacuum therapy can be effective in mild to moderate cases of pectus excavatum. It can be preferred especially in individuals with aesthetic concerns and mild symptoms. Surgical intervention may be a more effective option in severe cases.

There have been various clinical studies on vacuum therapy. One of them belongs to Pectus Clinic and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yüksel, the clinic we work with. Success rates may vary depending on the period of treatment, the severity of the pectus excavatum and the individual. It is difficult to give a clear figure for success rates in all cases. Your doctor can provide more specific information for your case.

After vacuum treatment, aesthetic improvement can be achieved by pulling the breastbone outwards. The breast shape becomes flatter and more normal. However, results may vary from individual to individual. The treatment process and follow-up are important for a complete recovery.

Vacuum therapy is a different option than surgical intervention. It can often be considered as an alternative to surgical intervention. It can be effective in mild and moderate cases. However, surgical intervention may be a more effective option in severe cases and may be included in the treatment plan in some cases.

Aesthetic concerns may decrease and self-confidence may increase with improved breast shape. However, since regular follow-up and compliance is required during the vacuum treatment process, this process can affect individuals' lives. Expectations, motivation and support factors in the treatment process are factors that affect quality of life. It is important for individuals to be in contact with their doctors and actively participate in the treatment process.

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